First, the FFU06  control system produced by our company is specially designed and  manufactured for purifying the space. The purpose is to control the fan  filter system centrally and carry out remote monitoring. The  whole system integrates design, adopts single-body electric box  structure, touch screen automatic control, high automation intensity,  suitable for large number of FFU control, set up an independent  electrical control box, centralized control FFU work, easy to operate,  safe and simple.

    Second, the control object and purpose

1. Control object: filter fan 2. Purpose: centralized control

    Third, the basic working principle

    The FFU fan adopts an imported AC motor. The  frequency converter is controlled by the inverter in the control box,  then communicates on the touch screen on the control panel, and the  frequency parameter is directly written on the touch screen for remote  control. The wind pressure differential pressure sensor  (PA) is displayed by the German imported air volume differential  pressure sensor. The graph shows the fan running state and the fan  working current. A mushroom-type emergency stop switch and current start button are provided on the panel.